Homecoming for Siamese Twins who were Admitted at KNH since 2014.

It’s been 8 months since the historic operation that saw the Siamese twins separated.Today, heralds yet another chapter for the twins who have never...

How to Take Good Care of Your Skin

The first step to a vibrant skin is knowing your skin type. A skin specialist or cosmetologist can accurately do an analysis for you.There...

Another Coffee-Mouse Experiment that Proves Why You Need Rest

If I were a mouse, I would sue all the people who do experiments on my kin. But since I am not a mouse,...

M-Tiba, Winning Hearts, Transforming Healthcare

M-Tiba entered the Kenyan market as a mobile wallet that allows its users to save and even borrow money at low cost.It operates as...

Kidney Disease and why you must Watch what You Eat

Does kidney disease come to mind when making your food choices? Or are you among the Kenyans who, when weekend beckons, are the first...
nurses strike

Nurses Strike Nightmare, Patients Turned Away From Public Hospitals

It’s yet another nightmare for patients seeking treatment from different health facilities in Kenya where a countrywide nurses strike continues to take its toll.The...

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