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You went to sleep at 10 pm having told yourself that you must put in 8 hours of some good rest. Still, when you wake up, you feel tired. It is almost as if you have not slept at all. Why? There are a couple of reasons why you are waking up feeling tired.

1. Your Night Ritual Could be Killing You Softly 

Electronics have become an extension of our lives. While there was a time when having a mobile phone or a tablet was seen as prestigious, these gadgets could be ruining your life. Research shows that the blue light emitted by electronic gadgets at night prevents the release of melatonin, the hormone that is responsible for your sleep and wake cycles.


TV is not your friend either. A study on binge-watching TV in  Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine confirmed what you have always known but did not want to admit. Even when you have slept 8, there is the possibility of waking up feeling tired because you have been exposed to the blue/white light.

Your cell phone, portable game console, kindle,  tablet, laptop, television etc could be the reason you wake up feeling exhausted even when you have put in a cool 8 hours.

Switching off your electronics two hours before you go to bed may go a long way in helping you get a good nights rest.

Experts also recommend that you substitute your electronics with reading a book or listening to calming music. The worlds richest man Bill Gates reads for an hour before bed, FYI.

2. Partaking in Alcohol

I am sure this is not rocket science but I will still list it anyway. There are those who take alcohol to wind down or as a sleep aid. While alcohol can help you fall asleep faster, it impacts on quality of sleep.

Studies show that alcohol impacts on REM sleep. Rapid Eye Movement (REP) sleep is exactly what the doctor ordered for your perfect night rest. So anytime you reach out for the last bottle of beer, glass of wine or spirit,  just think about REM.

Make chamomile tea your friend instead. Take it some 90 minutes before bed to rip the full benefits.

3. Exercise Before Bed

Exercise is good. However, for some people, exercise before bed can ruin a good nights sleep. If it takes you longer to fall asleep after you have exercised at night, make adjustments so that you do it earlier.

For some people, exercise before bed enhances sleep quality. You have to monitor and adjust accordingly.

4. Stress

Clearing your head before sleeping at night could determine whether you have a good nights sleep.

If you are anxious about bills, health etc. Sometimes stress can lead to insomnia which translates to lack of restive sleep.

Mindfulness exercises have been shown to help in calming the brain. Meditation is one of the ways to achieve that. It is cheap, safe and the health benefits you rip will be a welcome bonus.

When it gets out of hand, it is worth seeking professional help.

5. Your Bedroom

Clear the clutter. Make your bedroom the sanctuary that allows you to look forward to being there. Only two things should be allowed in the bedroom. Sleep and romance. If your bedroom as an extension of your office, re-order it.

If you clean once a month, change that habit too. If your bedroom has too much clatter, it can be stressful to sleep while surrounded by a mound of sweaty, dusty clothes. Clearing your bedroom will also train your brain to associate it with the activities that should be happening there.

Hope this helps.

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