It’s been 8 months since the historic operation that saw the Siamese twins separated.

Today, heralds yet another chapter for the twins who have never been home since they were born.


Their names, Blessing Kathure and Favour Murimi speak volumes about their personal journeys.

They were born with their spines and lower back fused. Their guts were separate up to the rectum but they shared the anus and genitals.

The preliminary surgery was followed by 4 others that were aimed at reconstructing the children’s genitalia and skin, the anal canal as well as the bowel.

These complexities, according to the medical team,  partly explained why the surgery at KNH in 2016 took 23hrs and a team of 58 specialists to accomplish.

The Blessing and Favour that has been the lives of the twins since their birth has been summed up thus;

it has taken not only skills, but patience, commitment and self confidence to bring this joy to the mother, relatives, friends and honor to our country for this historic surgery in Africa’

Speaking during a press conference, KNH CEO, Lily Koros committed that the twins will remain under observation and close monitoring as outpatients.

This is to ensure that they are stable enough.

Where it Started

The twins were born in Meru to Caroline Mukiri who did not know that she was carrying twins until the 7th month of her pregnancy.

On the 4th of September 2014, she delivered normally at St Theresa Mission hospital in Meru.

Her bundles of joy were conjoined and needed surgery.It is then that they were referred to KNH.

The historic surgery did not only put Kenya on the map for having succeeded in separating the twins, it has also provided much relief to the family.

The twins first saw each face to face in November 2016 after their succesfull operation.

Today, Blessing and Favour are going home. They three year old will have to start familiarizing themselves with a new ‘home’ as they have been in hospital since they were born.

Watch the homecoming video below