”There is no one simple solution to healing back pain”. You perhaps have heard this line numerous times. I have come across so much information from the time I decided to do this piece, it is mind-boggling. Never mind that I have nasty back pain and have been through the vicious cycle of painkillers, physiotherapy and even surgery. Still, no concrete answer. I would hate to be reduced to the ever-increasing statistics of people who live with back pain and have no idea how to cope.

Before you undertake any measures to relieve your pain,  ascertain what is causing it. You will be surprised that sometimes, chronic back pain has its roots in psychological overlays like boredom, stress and even dissatisfaction with things like relationships or work. Other causes like injury, tumours, osteoporotic fractures, infections, neoplasms et al must be ascertained so that you know what exactly is causing your pain.


These are some of the solutions you can try;

I can work standing yeeeeey

Better Posture? Adjustable Height Desks

Poor posture can cause back pain. Adjustable height desks help in improving your posture. Slouching/stooping strains your muscles as your body tries to keep you balanced. This kind of strain can cause a range of pains including back and even headaches.

Most people who work in offices and use computers run the risk of slouching if they do not observe good posture. To help with posture, a standing desk can help so that you avoid hunching over your workstation.

There are many benefits that come with this kind of desk. Personally, I have set a reminder so that I do not sit for more than 20 minutes. I can adjust and work while standing.


See a Physiotherapist

Ask about everything that you are curious about. I know I struggled with how to pick my baby up without causing more pain. Random questions like how to sit or even stand will be instrumental.

This is the person who will help you understand what you can or cannot do with the pain on your back. For instance what exercises can you incorporate in your day to day activities? How can you strengthen your core to prevent pain?

Yoga for Back Pain

It is scientifically proven that Yoga does help in relieving pain. A paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine confirmed the healing power of Yoga. The researchers went ahead to recommend that those who are suffering from back pain should avoid the use of painkillers as much as they can and instead make use of yoga, massage and even tai chi.

This one was a bit difficult for me I must admit. In Nairobi, I knew there were Yoga studios but I did not pay much attention to it. A few close friends and a doctor did emphasise that I perhaps needed to do Yoga to help relieve my back pain.

I had never seen Yoga in practice until I met the founder of Faraja Cancer Support where patients are offered the practice in their healing journeys.

So yes, I had the information, I just did not pay close attention.

I Googled and did a bit of Yoga, got bored and ditched it. However, now I do have access to a Yoga studio. It has been an amazing journey.

First of all, to just be able to stretch my spine, feels like I am a master of invention. Yoga will calm you, it will improve your mood, it will work on your psychosocial well-being. if there is a form of exercise that rewards you with mental and physical fitness, Yoga is it. And you do not have to worry about how fast you learn the poses.

The bonus, the very generous bonus, is learning how to breathe. One day I will write about my Yoga journey.

Do you have back pain? How do you deal with it? Share your journey.