Alcohol enemas: Public enemy number 1 or the cool new way to get drunk?

Vodka tampon. It’s not a punk rock band. Though we wish it could be. Vodka tampons is the ‘modern’ (relatively) new way younger people are getting drunk today.
A trend that has been going on silently in campuses and local high schools. Do we know the dangers of vodka tampons?
YouTube is flush with videos of misguided youth introducing alcohol to their nether regions, so I interviewed a victim to get to the bottom of this mysterious trend.

Here is Nancy’s story:

“I started using vodka tampons while in high school form 3 after a friend told me about it and my sister was also on it. My family doesn’t use pads – so tampons have been our thing.

I started it all out of curiosity – I wanted to get high but I’d not want my school to know I was drinking.

My sister showed me how she does it, with the basic tampon and I quickly picked up on the habit.

As I grew on it, I started feeling tipsy and when the alcoholic levels go low, I get another (fresh) tampon.

I still drink and I love getting high but I don’t want to go through the process, that’s why I prefer tampons.

However, there is a time I almost died due to overdose. I used a max sized tampon and it was really full – I had used three full soaked tampons. I was so high. I couldn’t vomit – and I knew I had gone past my limit. My sister took me to the hospital and I was drained. The doctors told me it was very risky – but I still do it, but now I know two tampons are enough for me. “



Vodka tampons/butt chugging— depending on what you call it —allows the alcohol to bypass the liver’s filtering and metabolic processes so that the ethanol drains straight into the bloodstream via veins to the vena cava.

It is, in other words, short-circuiting your body’s defense mechanisms by putting liquor in your ass/vagina, creating a euphoric intense and near-instant buzz. It’s also called ‘slimming.’ Or if you are feeling particularly inspired, the proper bro-menclature, I believe, is “Tour de Franzia”.

I know. It’s a theatre of the absurd.

The tampon contains about a shot of alcohol, (vodka na mizinga) appear to be most popular) which is quickly absorbed into the blood stream to produce a rapid intoxication. The bigger the tampon, well? You get it.

Anal insertion is the alternate — even recommended — option, according to news reports.?(which news reports add the link here)

All of these, are harmful to your health. Here is why.



• Physicians say that the alcohol can burn or damage the vagina or rectum. The craze also can cause alcohol poisoning and have life-threatening consequences.

• You can suffer from alcohol poisoning as you can ingest too much alcohol. And unlike traditional drinking, you can’t vomit to get the excess alcohol out of your body.
• Irritation inside the vagina or anus. This is not only physically uncomfortable. But can highly increase your chances of contracting STIs if you engage in sexual intercourse afterward
• It really doesn’t eliminate alcohol-breath. If you have alcohol in your blood (whether it is from drinking, tamponing, or eyeballing some booze), you will necessarily be breathing some of it out and it will show up on a Breathalyzer test. That’s why it reads ‘blood alcohol content’ or BAC.
• It’s gross, risky, dangerous and very unsafe.

So, ladies and gent, if you are among the various factions who have actually partaken in this ‘trend’, it appears the joke is on you; if not, forewarned is forearmed. Cocktails are meant to be sipped, not inserted.

Bottom line, butt chugging is a stupid, stupid thing to do. If you like alcohol, if you really like alcohol, use your mouth.

I know I do not earn myself many friends by being this blunt….but the truth, well, the truth shall set you free. Do not say you were never warned!

*Names have been changed.


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