Fighting cancer in Kenya is complicated. Rise up and speak out. Get tested early.

Fighting cancer – one of mankind’s most pressing and irritant diseases is one that has its own share of highs and lows. Whether it is coupled with the fact that nearly half of all potential cancer victims put off checking out symptoms because of the fair and stigma, shortage of cancer scanners and specialist staff to operate on them.

A recent study by Macmillan Cancer Support shows that cancer costs more than having a child and one in five cancer sufferers face discrimination in the workplace.

With less and less people going for cancer screening or opting for doctors, which are the budget-friendly ways in fighting cancer?

But first: The American Cancer Society developed this simple reminder years ago:


  • C: Change in bowel or bladder habits
  • A: A sore that does not heal
  • U: Unusual bleeding or discharge
  • T: Thickening or lump in the breast or elsewhere
  • I: Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing
  • O: Obvious change in a wart or mole
  • N: Nagging cough or hoarseness

“There is no bomb-proof way to completely prevent cancer,” says James Hamrick, MD, chief of oncology at Kaiser Permanente in Atlanta. But changes to your lifestyle and the right screening tests can lower your chances of getting the disease.

Reduce Tobacco intake

This cannot be stated enough. It has become such a song that we have become accustomed to it. The problem with tobacco is that people no longer care, and the worst thing about it is the fact that even secondhand smokers stand a risk of getting cancer.

Practice safe sex:

Limit your number of sexual partners. Use a condom when having sex. The more sexual partners you have in your lifetime, the more likely you are to contract a sexually transmitted infection — such as HIV or HPV. People who have HIV or AIDS have a higher risk of cancer of the anus, liver and lung.


Don’t share needles

Besides the fact that you can contract HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, just keep sharp objects to yourself.

Exercise. Exercise. Exercise.

Physical exercise helps gets your blood flowing and cuts some carb. Besides, it also relaxes your mind, gives you cleaner organized days and will protect you even if you don’t lose weight. What’s more? Fighting cancer becomes a joy, rather than a burden. And to think it is affordable and cheap, all you need is a willing heart. 30 minutes a day can set you up for a lifetime. Trust me, it’s good for your skin.

Avoid the risky behaviors

In this rapidly evolving world, keeping your self safe is the easiest and simultaneously the hardest way o prevent cancer. But avoiding risky behaviors that can lead to infections might in turn greatly reduce your risk of getting the disease.

Healthy diet

You had an idea this would come in somewhere in the list, didn’t you? Well, people confuse a healthy diet with an expensive diet. Far from the contrary. Simply limit your fatty foods – which happen to also be among the most expensive foods – milk, cheese, red meat etc. increase the number of vegetables and fruits you eat each day, which will significantly lower your prostate cancer risk. Consider eating fruits and vegetables for snacks. Well, if you choose to drink alcohol do so only in moderation. Besides, doesn’t too much alcohol make you act like you are crazy? That’s some food for thought.

Get regular medical care

With the government keen on its Big Four Agenda, with Universal Healthcare among its top priorities, healthcare is now (almost) affordable for all. But you don’t have to spend money to realize that things are not going well. Regular self-exams and screenings can increase your chances of discovering and fighting cancer early. Your health is one of the very few things that you are solely responsible for, so why risk it?

Enough talk. About that exercise…get moving…right now!


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